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Web Presence – C’mon now, you know you need it!

While social media sites are definitely part of today’s web presence, websites and custom email addresses are still a staple of digitally owning your brand. I prefer WordPress for site design and maintenance (though can build your site with many tools) and can create a site as simple as a digital brochure or as complex as a storefront. Email is included in most web hosting accounts, though limited in its user experience. I have extensive experience with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 and can migrate your accounts to a new service. I use WordPress and Google Workspace for my personal and professional sites and email.

Kathleen M. Pike, PhD is built with WordPress and based on designs by a custom website designer. We took over this project midway through it, expounding on and adding extensive custom designs and functionality. Palm Springs Tech Services manages content, updates, and backups.

Upper Savannah Care Services is built with WordPress. We replaced their outdated site in 2018, bringing them a fresh look. Their site is frequently updated with a new pop-up to inform visitors of special days, news and events. Palm Springs Tech Services manages content, updates, and backups. is a previous iteration of Palm Springs Tech Services that was based in Greensboro, NC, 2015-2020.

Quest Carolina Roundup is built with WordPress. This is the second iteration of their site, completely refreshed in 2019. It incorporates PayPal forms for registrations, swag sales, and donations. A Google form is used to capture scholarship applications. We manage some content and perform monthly updates and backups. Quest Carolina Roundup manages content in posts that present on the front page and archive.

Artizan Design Builders was built in WordPress in 2018. We manage content, updates and backups. This site is hosted on SiteGround.

Hank Center is an HTML5 website built in 2020 and hosted on Register4Less. The domain and hosting are about $15/year. We manage the content and backups.

Otterbein Rotary is built on WordPress as a tiny site that’s hosted for about $50/year. Otterbein Rotary’s site is Palm Springs Tech Services’ 2021 Non-Profit Lift-Up/Gift-Up Recipient which includes a free new website and 1 year of website administration.

Full Life Counseling was designed in WordPress in 2019. We manage content, updates and backups. It is hosted on our favorite hosting provider, SiteGround.


FAQtually was in business from 2006 to 2012, providing IT services domestically and internationally.

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